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Biopsy Procedures

Your dentist or hygienist may notice a suspicious area during your routine exam that they would like evaluated by an oral surgeon. These changes can usually be detected on the lips, cheek, tongue, palate, or gum tissue around the teeth. These areas can appear as a reddish or whitish patch, a lump or thickening on the lining inside the mouth or a sore that fails to heal.  These areas are not often associated with oral cancer, but we do recommend a biopsy of the area to be certain.

A biopsy consists of removing all or a portion of the suspicious tissue, which is sent to a pathology lab for a microscopic exam for proper diagnosis.  This procedure can usually be done under local anesthesia. Although Dr. Kingston can perform most oral biopsies, there are instances which may require you to see an ENT or plastic surgeon to provide the appropriate treatment.  Our office will provide a referral and contact their office to assist in getting your appointment scheduled.