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“We want to express our appreciation for your kindness and generosity in taking care of Brooke’s teeth. From your receptionist, to the lovely Diane to the warmth of Dr. Kingston, it did not go unnoticed.”

S. Family

“I must say that I was a bit apprehensive about having my procedure. I wanted to thank you and your staff for the way I was received. Everyone was so friendly and really helped me at ease. I would definitely like to come to you if I need implants.”

John G

“Thank you for operating so quickly on Steve, and your concern. Many thanks! God Bless.”

George W.

North Hampton, PA

“Thank you for your personal check up call. My experience was very pleasant, in a not so pleasant situation. Your staff made me very confortable, even though I was on the nervous side. Thank you.”

Sue L.

Phillipsburg, NJ

“I was in for an extraction the Friday before last. Dr. Kingston had called that weekend checking on how things went. I just wanted to let you know everything was fine, virtually no pain. It’s healing perfectly. Thank you and so much! You were all so pleasant, helpful, and made my visit an easy one. Thanks again.”

Ron F.

Whitehall, PA

“I am 26 years old and called because my wisdom teeth were starting to hurt really bad. They got me an appointment in two days. The surgery went really well and the recovery was even quicker. I did not even have to go back for anything. Thank you so much.”

Alyssa K.

North Hampton, PA

“Had six teeth extracted April 3rd and she has no pain. Just wanted you to know she is impressed, and staff was wonderful. Would give you a 5-star rating on the internet.”

Daniele C.

“I had a very painful abscessed tooth. Dr. Kingston’s staff got me in right away, even though I don’t have insurance. The whole experience was handled expertly, and the pain is GONE! Thank you ALL!”

Max L.

“My daughter had such a positive experience having her wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Kingston. His staff was exceptional and we felt supported, informed and nurtured during the entire process from consult trough recovery. The office is clean, parking is great and you’ll find the nicest people working there. I highly recommend Dr. Kingston.”

Gina M.